急速にデジタル化する世界と新型コロナウイルスのパンデミックー 世界中で常識とされていたものが日々、変化しています。期待と不安が高まる今、新たな社会とは、そして私たち一人ひとりにできることはなにか。



今回のテーマである「OPEN CITY – 触発する街 -」では、オープン・スタジオ、オープン・キャンパス、オープン・ラボを越えたオープンな街として、世界中のボトムアップな活動から生まれたイノベーションや、市⺠一人ひとりが持つ変革の力、そして自然や地球全体について考える作品やプログラムを紹介します。


As a result of the rapidly digitizing world and the ongoing pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, things that used to be common knowledge around the world are changing every day. While our hope and anxieties are amplifying, how could a new society still be formed? What can we, as individuals do for our society?

Innovation is not just an outcome of our foremost technologies. The human connection, community, growing culture – among this tactile warmth and harmony with nature is the creative energy that could trigger brewing future innovations.

Matsudo International Science Art Festival will mark its 4th edition this year. Our festival started from creative communities in Matsudo. Our seed from the 1st year, sprouted in the 2nd year, formed a garden in the 3rd year, The garden in Tojo-tei House, ordered by Akitake Tokugawa.

This year’s theme “OPEN CITY – Inspirational City” will introduce and programs about innovations born out of activities that require community discourse to branch out and take place globally, an individual citizens’ power of change, and programs that will encourage visitors to think about nature and the earth itself. Beyond Open Studios, Open Campuses, Open Labs, as a city that is open to everyone.

Citizens make innovations by their own hands. Human connections encourage us to accomplish something better, and that leads to creating a city which resembles a “symbiotic ecosystem”.


その一環として「OPEN CITY – 触発する街 -」をテーマに、科学、芸術、自然をつなぐ国際フェスティバル「科学と芸術の丘2021」を開催します。


Matsudo city has been developing various projects aimed at creating its city’s brand centred around culture in order to become a city where creators and artists can play active parts. As part of these projects, “Matsudo International Science Art Festival 2021” will be held with the theme of “OPEN CITY – Inspirational City” that unifies science, art, and nature.

The 4th festival will be based in Tojogaoka and within Matsudo city, with exhibitions and workshops by Japanese and international artists.